Rethinking What Medicine Should Be

In the near future, your doctor may prescribe you drugs made of live bacterial consortia. These drugs have the potential of colonizing the human intestine naturally and repairing microbiome alterations that drive disease.

How Our Drugs Work

Why bacterial consortia?

Unlike fecal transplants, which require use of donors and are an untargeted, inherently variable procedure, bacterial consortia therapeutics are defined drug compositions produced from clonally isolated bacteria that can trigger targeted immune responses. We isolate beneficial gut bacteria and grow them in-house in a controlled, consistent, and scalable way. And unlike reductionistic approaches such as single strain probiotics, bacterial consortia can robustly shift the gut ecosystem.

The Leading Product Engine for Development of Defined Bacterial Consortia Therapeutics

Our platform enables identification of defined bacterial consortia with drug-like properties and their manufacture to CGMP standards.

How Our Proprietary Product Engine Works