Our Discovery Engine: Enabling a New Drug Modality

Our field-leading product engine enables identification of defined bacterial consortia with drug-like properties and their manufacture to CGMP standards.

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Leveraging Breakthrough Discoveries in Immunology

From Ruslan Medzhitov's discovery of toll-like receptors (TLRs) as the key immune system receptors that detect infection, which spawned the field of innate immunity, to Dan Littman's efforts to identify and clone CD4 and CD8, molecules on the surface of T cells that are crucial to immune recognition and response, Vedanta's scientific co-founders have pioneered the current understanding of how the immune system recognizes and responds to microbes.

Recent work from Kenya Honda, Dan Littman, Brett Finlay, Ruslan Medzhitov, and Alexander Rudensky, has led to the realization that gut microbes are required for stimulation of a range of immune responses, including among others, making Th17 and regulatory T cells (Tregs), and thus are potentially useful as immunotherapies. Our co-founders' peer-reviewed and independently reproduced discoveries are the scientific foundation of our programs.

How Our Product Engine Works

How Our Drugs Work