Intellectual Property

A Foundational Intellectual Property Estate In The Human Microbiome Field

Vedanta has developed a broad Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio in the human microbiome field. The portfolio includes fundamental patents (the “Honda patents”) covering compositions and therapeutic uses of products containing bacteria belonging to Clostridium clusters IV and XIVa, as well as spore-forming fractions obtained from stool samples. Bacteria within clusters IV and XIVa are among the most abundant colonizers of the human intestine and they play an important role in human health, including regulating immune responses. In 2023, three Honda patents that broadly cover therapeutic compositions of clostridial bacteria derived from the human microbiome and their uses in infectious disease, allergy, and autoimmune disease, were fully upheld in opposition proceedings at the EPO (View Press Release).

Our IP estate includes issued patents in the major pharmaceutical markets (US, Europe, and Japan) with priority dates going back to 2010. Our patents provide coverage through at least 2031, with some patents extending coverage through at least 2037. This Intellectual Property portfolio puts Vedanta in a unique leadership position in the microbiome field and allows us to support our internal programs as well as enable our partners to advance bacterial consortia therapeutics.