VE800 is an orally administered rationally-defined bacterial consortium immuno-oncology candidate. VE800 consists of 11 clonal human commensal bacteria strains manufactured under cGMP conditions and selected for their ability to induce CD8+ T cells, potentiate the immune system’s attack of tumors and enhance the effects of checkpoint inhibitors. It is produced from pure, non-pathogenic clonal bacterial cell banks, which yield a standardized drug product in powdered form. The seminal work conducted by Vedanta and its scientific co-founder, Dr. Kenya Honda, underlying the discovery of VE800 was published in Nature (Tanoue et al. 2019).

VE800 is being evaluated in a first-in-patient clinical trial in combination with with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s checkpoint inhibitor OPDIVO® (nivolumab) in patients with selected types of advanced or metastatic cancer. The trial was initiated in December 2019 and topline results are anticipated in 2021.