Intern/co-op, molecular biology

Company Overview

Vedanta is pioneering the development of a new class of therapies that act by modulating the human microbiome. Modulation of the human microbiota holds enormous promise to treat a broad range of immune, infectious, and metabolic diseases in ways that are completely different from existing drug classes. Breakthrough discoveries of our scientific team in the field of mucosal immunology have led to the first rationally designed drug candidates in the microbiome field. Vedanta was founded by PureTech Health and a team of world renowned experts in immunology and microbiology.

We are looking for a highly capable, goal-oriented individual. If you are the kind of person who not only thinks critically about problems and likes to take the initiative to pursue new ideas, you will enjoy working here.

Position Description / Responsibilities

The intern, or co-op, will conduct studies in the microbiology laboratory to bolster the research and development unit of Vedanta Biosciences. The principal activities of this role will be to aid in the characterization of organisms from the human microbiome through the execution of established molecular biology assays. General tasks will focus on PCR and product verification, sample organization, and coordination of tasks with the microbiology team. Additionally, the intern or co-op, will support the preparation of samples for off-site DNA sequencing.


  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, biology, microbiology, biochemistry or related field
  • Hands-on lab experience with PCR and gel electrophoresis techniques required
  • Familiarity with of aseptic technique is preferred but not required
  • Working knowledge of laboratory record keeping
  • Highly motivated and organized individual. Must be a team player, able to work well in a group setting as well as independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Personable and articulate
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite